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Comincio col segnalarvi la mia nuova Bibbia, casualmente arrivata alla cassa Hoepli insieme a me settimana scorsa.

Author: James Proctor
1st Edition
192 pages · 16 pages of colour photos · 16 maps
ISBN: 978 1 84162 235 4
ISBN: 1 84162 235 4

Located within the Arctic Circle, Lapland spans the outermost fringes of Scandinavia and is a booming arena for adventure holidays and activities.
The Bradt guide to Lapland covers places and activities in the remote outposts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, together with background information to help travellers understand the Sámi cultures. Visitors on both short organised tours and those travelling independently are catered for, making this an all-round essential source book on everything this region offers.
• The first English-language guidebook to Lapland.
• Includes thorough history and culture, including the indigenous Sámi.
• Winter in Lapland: from Santa Claus tours and the Icehotel to husky safaris and snowmobiling.
• A full roundup of summer activities such as hiking, killer whale watching and Midnight Sun tours.

E' in inglese, altro non ho trovato (intendo di specifico sulla regione). L'autore lo conosco, è lo stesso della Bradt sulle Faroe.

E adesso sbizzarritevi su tutto quello che vi pare, itinerari e quant'altro. Aiutatemi a capire come riempire le (poche) ore di luce quotidiane, perchè ovviamente il periodo di mio interesse è fine dicembre/inizio gennaio.