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Blog about eating out in Kuala Lumpur

03-12-2006, 15:03:43

I just came back from a two week business stay in Kuala Lumpur. I have been there before so I tried to guide my friend and colleague Olav around. But when it comes to eating out it is always a challenge to find good places that serves local food. Well, I'm lucky enough to have my friend Meena in KL. So when we arrived I called her up and asked her if she could take us out and she did. Meena has started her own blog about eating and drinking in KL...and since I have not gotten around to making a eating out in KL I would suggest that you check out her site if you are going to KL. Her blog can be found on http://www.awhiffoflemongrass.blogspot.com/

On the site you will also find some not so nice picture of Olav and myself enjoying drinks....how will we now be able to tell our wives that it was just work and no play in KL :?D?:

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